Jack Bergamino is a visual designer based in New York City.  His early passion for color and design led him to FIT and catapulted him onto the fashion scene in NYC where he continues to collaborate with some of the most successful fashion designers on the planet.   His travels around the world inspire his work with furniture, fashion interiors, and now jewelry.


Bergamino's jewelry line was born on a recent trip to Tulum where the designer found a box of vintage pendants at a tiny local flea market, and attached them to colored strings to create one-of-a-kind pieces he shared with friends at sunset on the beach.  What started as a gesture of friendship quickly became a fashion statement and instantly sparked demand for more of his unique designs.


Back in NYC, Bergamino began hunting his favorite antique flea markets uncovering small industrial items like antique brass beads and other vintage pendants that inspired new designs for necklaces and now bracelets.  


412 Designs was born and his latest collection combines found items with beads that recall the vivid blue waters and green jungles of Tulum. Every handmade creation remains an expression of Bergamino's passion and creativity.  It's a simple, clean, style born from friendship and for those who wear it every unique piece is the beginning of an exciting new story.


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